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[ENTREVISTA] Melissa Sasina

Depois que a querida autora Melissa Sasina me ofereceu uma cópia autografada de um dos seus livros, decidi contacta-la e oferecer-lhe a oportunidade de me responder a umas questões que possibilitassem que os seus fãs e futuros fãs portugueses a conheçam melhor e às suas obras. A resposta dela foi um imediato sim e, deste modo, venho publicar a sua entrevista aqui, a primeira de - esperemos - muitas do blog.
Obrigada, Melissa Sasina!
Melissa Nogueira: What are your favorite authors and books?
Melissa Sasina: One of my favorite author's is Neil Gaiman. I absolutely love his book, Neverwhere. I am also a fan of S.M. Stirling and his book Dies the Fire.

MN: Where do you find inspiration to write, to create such scenarios and stories?
MS: I find inspiration from nearly everything, such as every day life, video games, movies, etc. I actually keep paper and a pen by my bed to jot down ideas I come up with when I should be getting to sleep.

MN: Was it easy to exchange graphic art to writing while in high school?
MS: I never really had the chance to get into graphic art since the course was dropped before it began, so it was easy for me.

MN: You like to draw, specially the characters of your books. Have you ever sketch the character of The Priest Trilogy? If yes, can you show me?
MS: Some of the art is old, but you can see some of the art I've done here, both traditional and with drawing tablet:
Priestess and Guardian by Shiovra

MN: What’s the story behind the change of names of two of the books from The Priest Trilogy (Twilight to Defiance and Destiny to Betrayal)?
MS: It was actually a suggestion from friends who worried that people might find Twilight and confuse it with another, highly popular book, with the same name. After sitting down and thinking about it, I agreed with them. And, since I switched publishers at the time, a title change worked out well. Twilight and Destiny didn't really fit the story itself too well. Eclipse fit what happens in the third book, so I tried to think of titles for the first two that also reflected the story, and thus Defiance and Betrayal came into play.

MN: The Chronicles of Midgard is a recent idea or is it stories that you have imagined for a long time?
MS: It was a random idea that came to mind one that. I slowly started piling together bits and pieces of ideas I had and it was born. The only thing about the Chronicles of Midgard that I've imagined for a long time is also the cause of most my writing induced headaches: the character Ril. I had thoughts about him and his life a good 6 years before the first book was published.



MN: Melissa, how do you feel about the children’s book Rope’s Adventure written by your son Orion Sasina at the age of seven?
MS: I think he did well for having never really tried writing out a story. I wish I could get more people interested in it, though. He wants to write another, but never gets anywhere and I don't want to push him.

MN: You made the art of your son’s book. Is that something you would like to do in the future, illustrate?
MS: Not really, lol. I'm much better at drawing people than anything, really. I did it for him because he asked me to. If he asked again, I might consider it, but I really would prefer not to do it too much.

MN: Is there a subject or book genre that you would like to write about?
MS: I love to write general fantasy, but I would really like to try my hand at urban fantasy one day. I just have a bit of trouble meshing together modern day world with magic. I have three book ideas for urban fantasies. Perhaps one day I will be able to write them.

MN: Your books haven´t yet been published in Portugal. Would you like them translated to Portuguese?
MS: It would be great if they could be translated into Portuguese, I just don't have the money to pay someone to do it for me and unfortunately it isn't something my publisher offers for free.

MN: Is there anything else you would like to had to this interview?MS: Hmmm...check out my books? Help feed a starving artist? lol. Anyone can read the first three chapters for free of all my books here: I update it every time I release a book. Also, people can like me on facebook to keep up with release dates, promotions, and future giveaways. :)Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to answer some of your questions!

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